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Hidden Valley Ranch

Iris / November 20, 2014

I was so excited when I received the news to be a Host for a house party for the Hidden Valley Ranch Mission. I didn’t know of to much recipes to use the salad dressing & seasoning mix I only do about two recipes and the rest well I just use the salad  So this is what I received.. I was so excited with…

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Tahitian Monoi Oil

Iris / November 19, 2014

 I am a person who loves lotions and anything that smells good. One day I was in Sally’s Beauty Solon looking for a leave in conditioner and my husband was in another aisle. I went to see where my hubby was and what caught my eyes this beautiful bottle, The Tahitian Monoi Oil Body Lotion! So I kept looking at it…

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Kiss Instawave Curler

Iris / November 17, 2014

var search_me = ‘166_29454’; var scriptElems = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’), i=scriptElems.length – 1, curLoc; for (; i; –i) { curLoc = scriptElems[i]; if (‘innerText’ in curLoc) { if (curLoc.innerText.indexOf(search_me)) break; }else if (‘textContent’ in curLoc) { if (curLoc.textContent.indexOf(search_me)) break; }} addImpression(166,29454);var clkHndlr = function(event) { addListenersForClickAround(166,29454, curLoc); };addEvent(window, ‘load’, clkHndlr);    I just got the opportunity to use The revolutionary KISS InstaWave…

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Contact Me

Iris / November 4, 2014

Hi and thank you for reading my blog, you can leave comments and also follow me here and all of my other social sites that are in my home page. If you want to get ahold of me or pitch me, you can do it @ .. DAMYMYPEANUT@GMAIL.COM Thanks again and hope to hear from you!

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About Me

Iris / November 2, 2014

                                                                            I am the Author behind Simply Butterfly Kisses. My name is Iris and I was born in Puerto Rico. As a Latina I love food from the Island. I am also a wife to a handsome husband, mother to a beautiful daughter and a human mother to my two dogs Nana the chihuahua and Nikko the chiweenie.  …

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Pink Lemonade 5-Hour Energy Drink

Iris / October 31, 2014

  For the month of October its known as Breast Cancer awareness month. These year I was able to support breast cancer month with Smiley360 by showing the awareness on my Youtube channel and right here on my blog as also talking to people.  Smiley360 send me two pink ribbon 5-hour Energy drink.   At first I was not sure how I was going…

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