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freeman Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask + Scrub

Good Morning Everyone. Just wanted to let you know that it is Summer time and it is hot out there this year. As a lot of you guys know I love to take care of my skin and body.

So I am starting a series call Mask Monday’s. In this series I am going to do a mask every Monday and post it on my YouTube channel and then I will also post it here as well. The Mask that I used this time is the Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask + Scrub.

I love doing facials at home, I have done it for so many years and now I am glad that I can do it and share my thoughts and if it works with you guys.

Here is my first mask that I used last Monday.

I have to say that I did have lots of fun doing this video just thinking that you guys can do your face mask Monday’s with me.

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Thank you so much,


Besos xoxo

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