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Need Energy? 14 Day Detox Tea

Iris / March 7, 2015

     While that I have to use medication every day and it is also depending how my day goes or week went, my body is sometimes without energy, I get bloated because of what eat or in some cases can’t use the bathroom regularly. So I was very happy to try out this 14 day Detox Tea to see…

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Women’s Confidence Panties by Hush Hush

Iris / March 4, 2015

Hush Hush Panties: Choose Women’s Confidence Panties by Hush Hush  for everyday protection and reusability. Our selection of confidence panties features an innovative design that has a subtle absorbent layer built in, perfect for those with light incontinence issues, occasional leaks, moisture from working out or worry of menstrual leak through. They are a perfect solution for giggling with girlfriends over…

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